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Work. Work. Work.

Work. Work. Work.

Hey hey guys, this is the first one / the hard one. So, a little introduction. My name is Ruslan. I'm 28 years old entrepreneur, web developer and designer originally from little town Stavropol which located in Russia. Also I'm owner consultant at Chocolate factory Taboo, and CEO and co-owner (hey Alex) at Digital agency Tegra in the USA. Kinda cool hah? Nope, this is only beginning.

Today I want to start this little blog and (I hope) maybe somebody will read it (a lot of tears here 🙈 ) And this guy pushed me to (finally) do it:

This is Gold.

As I remember myself I worked really hard all the time. And you know what I learned? Job is never done. Period. But you know what? It doesn't matter. Because if you're in the business you love and know where you're going - a process is a joy. Nothing can stop you. Yes, you have to know little tricks how to avoid burnout or maintain work/life balance (tricky unicorn 🦄 ). But you will keep going if you know that this is your stuff bro.

Time is everything.
So use it.

It was Ruslan,
keep hustle

Ruslan Galba

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Entrepreneur / CEO @hellotegra award winning digital agency / Founder @heytaboo chocolate and @heymoneta blockchain / Share stories @designhopeless