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Learn the basics of anything in 20 hours by using rapid skill acquisition

Learn the basics of anything in 20 hours by using rapid skill acquisition

Is there some skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time for? Many people wish they could play the piano, dominate on the tennis court or converse in fluent French, and may even undertake to learn these skills. But often they give up before they’ve even acquainted themselves with the basics. The reason is that they believe it’s too late for them to acquire a new skill – but that’s simply not true!

This is where rapid skill acquisition comes into play. By employing this technique, you can become fairly good at whatever skill you choose by putting in a mere 20 hours of practice.

Obviously, if your aim is to become the next Serena Williams, you’ll need many thousands of hours of work. Rapid skill acquisition is more about covering the basics, rather than transforming yourself into an instant expert. But even those first 20 hours of practice on the court will already enable you to play against friends and maybe even partake in local tournaments.

Let’s continue with the example of tennis. If you practice for 20 hours, breaking that time up into daily doses of 60-90 minutes, you’ll soon find yourself rapidly improving. And once you’ve completed the initial 20 hours of practice, it’ll become considerably easier to continue developing your chosen skill.

If you’ve ever tried to learn something new, you’ll know that the first few hours of practice are often the hardest. At this stage, you’ll be more likely to get confused and run into problems, which is what causes people to give up early on. But it’s essential to persist for at least 20 hours. That way, you’ll have already reached a substantial level of skill, which will make further practice less problematic.

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