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Key takeaways from the book "12 rules for life" by Jordan B. Peterson

Key takeaways from the book "12 rules for life" by Jordan B. Peterson

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a 2018 bestselling self-help book by Canadian clinical psychologist and psychology professor Jordan Peterson

Originally published: January 16, 2018
Author: Jordan Peterson
4.1/5 · Goodreads

Let's get into my top takeaways from the book 🤘

A good posture matter

Feel like a winner when you change your body language to that posture

Care for yourself

We all have something dark inside but don’t punish yourself for this or mistakes you make. Treat yourself like a loved one

The wrong companions can drag you down,

so choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with supportive and encouraging friends. Good friends don’t tolerate your wallowing in negativity

Measure your progress comparing to your past achievements, not to others

No matter how big you are there is always a fish much bigger. Be aware of your incremental changes and don’t self-criticise ever

Children are aggressive from the born because of natural instinct

This is responsible of a parent to learn them how to become kinder. Three methods for that: limit the rules (create a few basic easy-to-understand principles), use the minimum necessary force (sometimes disappointed look is all that’s need, other times it might be a week without video games), come in pairs (children are clever and play one parent against the other, be supportive to another parent)

The world is filled with injustice, but we should not blame others for our lot in life

For choices fo acceptance by Leo Tolstoy: childlike ignorance, hedonistic pleasure, suicide or struggling on despite it all. Juggling with first two is the best option. Ignore what doesn’t matter and enjoy the rest

Choose what matter as a first action,

and short term unimportant things leave for later. Seek meaningful goals over instant gratification

Conversations are an opportunity to learn and grow, not compete.

When you engage in genuine conversation, it should be a similar process to thinking. Talk is an opportunity to came to original idea or take a new perspective. An easy tip for being a better conversationalist is to listen and then summarise or recap out loud what the other person just said. It helps assure that you’ve heard things correctly, while also helping it stick in your memory and protect from distorting or oversimplifying details in order to suit your side of the conversation

Sometimes the truth hurts,

and it’s painful to take in information that means you have to change your ideas and preconceptions. But this is the price you pay as part of the beautiful process of learning and growing

Use precise language.

It can make your relationships with people run more smoothly as well. Does your partner do something that bugs you, like failing to clean up after themselves? The sooner you’re honest and precise with them, the easier life will be

Life is hard and full of sorrow sometimes, but it’s important to celebrate the small joys in life

By following this rule, you’ll be sure to embrace life and appreciate every good thing that comes your way. You’ll also be sure to see yourself through the tough times, even when they’re prolonged.

Remember, there is no day without the darkness of night, just as there’s no order without chaos. There is suffering in life, but it’s also what gives meaning to our perseverance and makes the moments of peace so rewarding.

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