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How to create ugliest logo ever (maybe not)

How to create ugliest logo ever (maybe not)

I have a little side project — sticker shop. Not something serious just another fun project which allows me to get better in a new technology — Reaction in this case. Pretty cool e-commerce platform built on top of the meteor by brilliant guys from Santa Monica btw, check it out here. Maybe, later on, I’ll make an in-(kinda)-depth review about it.

So, sticker shop. As all ‘uber’ projects finally it came to the most important task — create a logo (ha ha, really?). Fellas from my team tried to do their best:


‘Meh’ I thought. I can do better (epic self-esteem 💡). And after 30 min I came up with this:


Seriously, I was proud of it just from the moment I showed it. Guys were crying.

I believed that it was a good representation of sticker on this logo, and there is rule #1:

always test/show what you’re doing to other people.

It doesn’t mean you have to make every change they told you, but just listen to them. It will give you a whole bunch of other perspectives on what you trying to achieve. So just choose what worth it, and execute.

In this case, we came up with the idea that back side of laptop flip with stickers will be the perfect representation of what this little e-commerce website will be selling. So we modified a few mockups:


Made a few changes, added it to the canvas:


And unbranded it (sorry apple 🍎)


So what I wanted to say by this (yepp, miserable 😭) example — just begin and make it happen by trying. A result can be far from perfect, but experience and journey - all that matters. You will be better next time.

Keep hustle

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